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Gregorio Martínez Sánchez, Silvia Menéndez Cepero, Mirta Copello, Silvia Díaz Llera, Lamberto Re




We read with great interest the manuscript entitled: “Oxygen-Ozone Therapy is at a Cross-Road” Rev. Esp. Ozono. 1(1):74-86.1
First, we noted that some of the criteria considered by the authors do not appear to fit with reality. In the section: A few of the present methodologies are of doubtful value and may be dangerous or ineffective it is mentioned that the reason why Cubans do not use major autoemotherapy is because: “[…] every day they have to treat thousands of patients, it appears impossible to perform M-O3-AHT for lack of time and money”. Authors should know that the Cuban health system is well recognized by international authorities. For instance: according to the World Health Organization, Cuba provides a doctor for every 170 residents, and has the first highest doctor-to-patient ratio in the world. Even under the difficult economic situation, the reason to use or ban a medical procedure in Cuba is not based on time or money, but on clinical effectiveness and low rate of side effects. Cuba is the only nation which has a specialized center for ozone research. This center provides the preclinical and clinical evidence to support the medical application of this therapy.



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