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Claudia N. Kontorschikova, Julia R. Efremenko, Elena F. Koroleva, Maria V. Vedunova



metabolic syndrome,
ozone therapy,
lipid profile,
antioxidant capacity



Metabolic syndrome (MS) is a complex disease caused by a combination of genetic factors with a person’s life- style (nutrition characterized by a high content of carbohydrates, hypodinamia, alcohol, smoking, mental and physical strain). The incidence of metabolic syndrome in different countries ranges from 10% to 30%. In Russia about 1,200,000 people die annually as a result of MS complications. MS incidence has been found to be increasing in female patients for the recent 10 years, compared with the one for male patients.

Criteria for metabolic syndrome were elaborated and unified for various ethnic groups; however, there are some discrepancies among MS criteria that have been suggested lately. WHO experts emphasize the role of misbalance in carbohydrate metabolism and insulin resistance. The expert group of the USA National Council in its Third Report on identification, evaluation and treatment of hypercholesterolemia in adult patient’s high-lights the role of lipid metabolism misbalance and fatty tissue condition. Inter- national Diabetes Federation worked out approved criteria for the disease.


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