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S.P. Peretyagin, A.A. Struchkov



burns treatment
ozonized solutions



This review summarizes the bases of the use of ozone in wound healing in patients suffering from trauma or burns. Different clinical assays had shown that local or systemic application of oxygen-ozone therapy in wounds and superficial scalds results in accelerated cleansing of a wound from necrotic tissues without generate necrosis. In addition to the well know germicide effect of ozone, its application can stimulate the local tissue regeneration, the local immune response and can control the inflammatory reaction. The quick management of pain and edema, the reduction of epithelialization time and the better graft retention are part of the benefit of the integrative use of ozone in traumatology and burns treatment.
Bases on the Russian clinical experience the indication, contraindication, protocols and specific care during the application of this therapy was described. The systemic ozone therapy conducted after an analysis of the oxidative stress status in those patients was referred. The concept of integration of ozone therapy as part of the routing care of the wounds is expressed. In this context the application of ozone offer many advantages, for instance: ozone reactivating the oxygen homeostasis, can increase the antioxidant activity of blood plasma, improve peripheral circulation and microcirculation, induce homeostasis compensation, and modulate the anti-inflammatory and immune response in addition to their detoxification effects



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