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Velio Bocci, Emma Borrelli, Iacopo Zanardi, Valter Travagli



Platelet-rich plasma
Growth factors



Oxygen-ozone therapy is slowly coming into age and it is being used in many Countries. However, while the treatment of hernial disk by simply injecting a little volume of gaseous O2-O3 inside the nucleus pulposus is a great success, the use of the so-called major ozonated-autohemotherapy (M-O3-AHT), consisting of 200 mL of autologous blood treated with gaseous O2-O3 mixture and rapidly infused into the donor, lags behind due to a number of reasons among which lack of standardization, need of numerous treatment, lack of knowledge, skepticism and even denial. Skepticism, which is fundamental to the scientific method, can be overcome only by showing the validity of M-O3AHT in controlled and randomized clinical trials on specific diseases, as correctly requested by the official Medicine. This paper aims to emphasize all the problems plaguing this therapeutic modality and to suggest remedies to enhance its progress and development.


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