Gregorio Martínez Sánchez


The International Scientific Committee of Ozonetherapy (ISCO3) was created in Vienna on October 8th, 2010. The ISCO3 is an independent board from national and international associations or federations of ozone therapy and commercial companies. One of the main purposes of ISCO3 was to develop and maintain a library of all published and presented papers on ozone therapy. The library is now a reality and contains indexed and not indexed papers, books, thesis, historical papers and other documents. For its creation a kind of «brain storm» was generated among the members and external experts. Finally, the previous experience of Dr. Miika Sallinen and Dr. Jose Baeza was up-dated and reorganized in order to overcome the purpose of ISCO3.

The data base is supported by the free software Zotero. Zotero is an easy-to-use tool for collecting, organizes, cite, and share different research sources. Zotero is an extension for the Firefox web-browser. It runs in its own pane within Firefox, separately from the web pages. The data base is organized in different files and sub-files for an easier localization of the scientific content. Topics concerning ozonized oils or water are separated from ozone therapy. In the same way, inside the file of ozone therapy clinic, pre-clinic, veterinary or other topics are separated.

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