Case report


Ludiveth Rojas González


The treatment of psoriasis has not yet found a definitive pharmacological solution. This case report presents the treatment combined with ozone therapy techniques: the application of Ozonated Saline, irrigation with Ozonated Saline Solution, Minor autho-hemotherapy, bagging in both arms, ozonated oil and soap, ozonephoresis and also application of IV glutathione and vitamin C, anti-inflammatory diet and nutritional supplementation.
Positive results were observed with the applications of ozone by different routes in the patient with psoriasis compared to the results that the patient obtained over 6 years with conventional treatments. During the performance of ozone therapies, with a duration of 6 months, no adverse events were observed, on the contrary the laboratory results of complete blood chemistry were also benefited by its stabilization among the normal ranges. This case report is indicative of the efficacy of these complementary treatments in chronic, systemic diseases of autoimmune origin.
It is concluded that ozone therapy shows unprecedented effectiveness compared to conventional methods, without causing side effects for the patient. The combination of ozone therapies, nutritional supplementation, correction of nutritional deficits, anti-inflammatory diet and changes to healthy lifestyle are useful in the management of this disease.

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