Margo Roman


Objective: The aim of this study was to examine the role of Microbiome Restorative therapy (MBRT) (Fecal as well as urine transplant) by also involving ozone therapy, ultraviolet blood therapy with hemealumen, acupuncture, homoeopathy, multi-lumen laser and nutritional support in the alteration of the antibiotic-resistant urinary infection with damaged autonomic nerves in the injured dog
Material and Methods: Ultraviolet Blood Therapy at UVBI 50 cc of O3SS and 5 cc of blood and 1 cc of hypertonic Biocean with the Hemealumen, MBRT orally was started on day one and rectal MBRT on day 5. Homoeopathy treatment with Aconite 1 M, Arnica 10 M and home on Laser Multilumen (LM), 1 Natrum Sulfate as herbal support for bladder nutraceuticals was given to the injured dog. A combination of medical ozone at the dose rate of 60 cc 37 μg /mL and ozonated saline O3SS was infused into the bladder and 60 cc. 41 μg/mL gas insufflation of the bladder as well as 80 cc of subcutaneous O3SS fluid over the pelvis and lumbar area. Aqua puncture and LM therapy with pain and neuropathy frequencies over the affected back area were given.
Results: After 6th day’s observation, the total bowel and urinary infection were controlled with normal stool, clear urine and also walked normally. He was happy and acting like a puppy, no longer afraid and depressed.
Conclusion: MBRT with systemic ozone therapy had a bio-modulatory effect, reducing the characteristics of acute inflammation and helping the dog to have a normal condition…


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