Manuel Dias da Costa, Sara F. Ramos, Ivanna Ostapiuk


Fibromyalgia (FM) is a chronic disease which ethology is still poorly known, diagnosed according to established the clinic and treated in a multidisciplinary way, using measures of a pharmacological and non-pharmacological nature. In this context, ozone therapy (mixture of oxygen /ozone), has been gaining notoriety in recent years as a complementary therapy in FM treatment. This study aims to analyse available evidence on effectiveness of ozone therapy in this disease, whose prevalence in Portugal and all over the world. It was used PRISMA methods to conduct this systematic review. References were searched in PubMed, ISCO3, Google Scholar and Scielo databases. Only 4 papers fulfilled inclusion criteria. All analysed articles reported improvement of symptoms and considered ozone therapy as an effective tool for FM treatment selected studies reported improvement of specific symptoms, such as pain intensity, quality of life, sleep quality, depression and anxiety symptoms. We concluded that existing evidence is insufficient to indicate ozone therapy as an effective and safe treatment in the long and/or short term for those with FM. Additional clinical studies are needed to demonstrate the effects of ozone therapy in FM


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