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Mirta Copello Noblet, Silvia Menéndez Cepero, Adriana Schwartz Tapia



conjunctivitis hemorrágica
aceites ozonizados



Epidemic Hemorrhagic Conjunctivitis (EHC) is a self-limited, conjunctiva inflammation of viral etiology which affects all ages and takes place in epidemic form. Its main symptoms are sensation of foreign bodies, lacrimation, photosensitivity, general discomfort and pain. Its critical signs are subconjunctival hemorrhages, follicular reaction and pre-auricular adenopathy. Also, serous secretion, chemosis, superficial punctate keratitis and palpebral ptosis are observed. Taking into account the broad spectrum germicide power of OLEOZON (ozonized sunflower oil), as well as its degree of anti-inflammatory character, the aim of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of this medication in its collyrium form for the treatment of EHC. In ¨Dr. Salvador Allende¨ Clinical Hospital, 20 patients were treated with EHC in October, 2009. Twelve of them received treatment with OLEOZON collyrium (one drop twice per day) and 8, making up the control group, received conventional treatment (cold compresses, non steroidal antiinflammatory drugs, yodoxuridine in collyrium or recombinant alfa-2b interferon). All patients treated with OLEOZON underwent a fast evolution toward recovery. In 72 h, they showed signs of great improvement and in 1 week they were totally cured. No patients presented complications. In the control group the evolution was more prolonged, mainly in patients showing complications (3 with keratitis). Treatment of EHC with OLEOZON collyrium provides with very positive results in this disease



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