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The Spanish Journal of Ozone Therapy comes on time once more to its annual appointment. Aepromo is pleased to present its 7th issue, making available to its readers the scientific work of researchers in the field of ozone therapy. So Aepromo reaffirms its commitment to continue supporting ozone therapy from a platform of prestige and reference in the scientific world. So far, it is the only indexed journal specialized in ozone therapy that has been sustained for eight years, when we published the No. zero in 2010. In addition to the annual issue of each May we have published seven supplements.

In this issue, along with the specialized and scientific papers, we publish the biographies of two eminent scientists and researchers in ozone therapy. One, Dr. George Stoker, a pioneer at the dawn of the therapy towards the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries; and the other, Dr. Sergei Peretyagin, who is the master key of ozone therapy in Russia,  who continues providing and contributing to the development of ozone therapy in his country and in the world. In this way we not only pay tribute to their works but their contributions will not be buried by the dust of the history. In 2011 we published the biography of Dr. Velio Bocci, the Father of the Modern Ozone Therapy.


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