Case report


Ana Isabel Moreira Gonçalves, João Antonino Dias Gomes, José António Marques Magallanes Regojo


TIntroduction: Tooth whitening has been increasingly sought after by patients of all ages seeking to improve the aesthetics of their teeth through their colouring.
Clinical case: Male patient who came to the dentist’s office to improve his dental aesthetics by means of whitening. The colour and sensitivity of the teeth were evaluated before and after bleaching with ozone gas. Ozone was applied by insufflation in a previously constructed individual cuvette, in 4 cycles of 5 min at a concentration of 80 µg/ozone.
cycles at a concentration of 80 µg/mL.
Conclusion: The results of this study confirmed the efficacy of ozone as a tooth whitening agent. A colour change of dentition 1.2 from 3R,2.5 to 3M,2 and lower incisors from 4L,1.5 to 3M,2 was obtained. It was found to be a quick and effective procedure, painless and without adverse effects for the patient.

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